Weird Animals VBS2014

June 9 – 13, 2014

Iggy The Lizard Bible Memory Buddy

Where Jesus’ Love Is One-of-a-Kind

God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures…including you! When kids feel weird, different, or even lost in a crowd—nothing compares to the extraordinary love of Jesus. At Weird Animals vacation Bible school, kids experience God’s Word in surprising and unforgettable ways!

Start the day together singing a fun mix of classic worship songs and brand-new praise songs.

Each day, leaders reinforce one simple Bible truth—which makes it easy for kids to remember and apply to real life!

Each day, kids move through activity stations with their Zoo Crews (small groups of up to 5 kids and one leader). Every station is designed to reinforce the daily Bible point in a hands-on, interactive way that keeps everyone engaged.

Kids experience the Bible in wild and wacky ways, and then they circle up with their Zoo crews for thought-provoking discussions. Kids watch films about real kids living the real-life adventure of knowing and following Jesus.

Each day kids at Weird Animals VBS will meet a new friend that will remind them how much God loves them. Imaginations soar as kids experiment with Sciency-Fun Gizmos™ that reinforce the Bible point for that day. Kids run, jump, and even splash through games that connect with the daily Bible verse. All the Crews comes together to eat snacks that connect with that day’s Bible verse.

A fun-filled day at this amazing VBS is a one-of-a-kind Bible learning experience that kids will never forget!

 June 9 – 13, 2014

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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