City Of Refuge Update

David Roney and I returned from Ghana a week ago, last Wednesday evening. After a couple of days recouping, I attended a legal conference and returned home yesterday evening. I regret that I’m just now able to give you a brief report, and to thank you for Comfort and Kofi for your continued support.
We spent the entire time with Kofi. The highlight of the trip – from his perspective – was the dedication of the well and the building at City of Refuge. This was attended by a number of people from the village, including the Chief and 4 sub-chiefs. Comfort, who had been ill, was able to attend. I spoke briefly, Comfort spoke, and one of the sub-chiefs gave a testimony of how Comfort was instrumental in his life almost 30 years ago, continuing until the present. The main Chief cut the ribbon for the sewing training center (where classes were to begin this week). Then, at the well, I gave a cup of water from the well to the Chief. It was a great time.
David and I took a small projector and PA system, which is capable of being powered by a car or car battery, and we were able to show the Jesus Film 4 evenings in Kromaim and surrounding villages. At one of the villages, when the film ended after almost 2 hours, the 70 or so people just sat – they didn’t move at all. But someone told Kofi that they wanted me to explain more about how to know Jesus and the Father. So I took perhaps 10 minutes and – with Kofi translating – encouraged them to pray, to tell others of their decision to live for Jesus, to attend church to fellowship and learn with other Jesus followers, to read Scripture and pray for more understanding, and to be baptized as a public statement of their surrender to Jesus. And, to start their relationship with Him, to come and let us pray with them and get their names so Kofi could follow up. 23 men and women stayed and gave their names to Kofi, including one Muslim woman in the village. That was the highlight for David and I.
This was a great trip, as we had wonderful time with Kofi, learned more about his work and his ministry, and visited several villages where he ministers to other orphans or needy people on his own. When pressed about this, Kofi admitted to us that he personally cares for 22 others in these villages. We met a few of them, including one crippled young man that Kofi cares for by paying for him to apprentice for 3 years to be certified in electronic repair (TVs, radios, etc). Kofi also provides his small living quarters and pays for most of his food.
I’ll be sorting through our pictures, and will be happy to share with you and/or your church at your convenience. Both Kofi and Comfort send you their warm greetings and appreciation for all you do. They each recorded a short message to the churches and individuals here who support their work. And I certainly join with them in appreciation for you and your church. The work they are doing is unique and extraordinary.
Michael Parham
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